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Camp Medication Program

Dear Camp Parents,

Camp Pocono Trails will continue to work with Haworth Apothecary, a pre-packaged medication program to dispense and package ALL of your child’s medication for camp. All pills will be dispensed and individually packaged in sealed packets labeled with your child’s name, medicine, dosage, date and time to be given. Our system ensures that each camper receives their correct medicine at the right time of day. All medication will be shipped to camp prior to your child’s arrival.

Haworth Apothecary will dispense all prescription and non-prescription meds taken daily or as needed. This includes all pills, liquids, inhalers, drops, creams, and vitamins.

What you need to do:
1. Register here (you may register prior to obtaining prescriptions). Please register at least 20 days prior to the start of the session/program to avoid late charges associated with rush service.
2. Obtain original prescriptions written for 30 day increments. If you child attends camp over 30 days, RX’s must have a refill.
3. For Controlled Substances Only: If your child is staying longer than 20 days, law requires a new RX for each 30 day supply. Two separate 30 day RX’s are required for Control Substances. Send all prescriptions together. We must receive the original RX. Please provide your physician with the Physician Instructions letter.
4. Prescriptions are filled as written. It is your responsibility to confirm the correct medication, dose and exactly how and when your child takes the medication is prescribed.
5. Non-prescription meds/vitamins; physician’s authorization or written directions by parent required.
6. Include a copy of both sides of your insurance/PRESCRIPTION card.
7. Mail prescriptions and a copy of the prescription card directly to: Haworth Apothecary 169 Terrace Street, Haworth, NJ 07641. A copy of the prescription card can be mailed, faxed (201)384-4433, or e-mailed (

Fees: There is a one-time registration fee for the entire summer which will be charged to your credit card. **Fees are per camper, not RX, and do not include the cost of medications.**

Schedule of Fees:
Registration: $30.00
Monthly Admin Fee: $30 includes shipping
Blister Packaging Fee: $5.95 per 28 dose package (see FAQ’s)

Deadlines: 20 Days Prior to Your Camper Start Date. A $25 late fee will be charged to your credit card if any of the items above are received after deadlines. We do understand that campers may decide at the last minute to attend camp. We will accept Last minute requests even up to your child’s first day. Please be advised an expedite fee and an express shipping fee will incur due to our efforts in having your child’s medications arrive in a timely fashion.

Insurance/Prescription Meds: Haworth Apothecary accepts most insurance plans. They will verify your insurance upon registration and submit to your plan once camp begins. You are responsible for all co-payments, deductibles, meds, and written prescriptions not covered by your insurance. All med charges will appear on your credit card statement from the Pharmacy usually after your child has already begun camp or even after your child returns home.

OTC Items and Meds Not Covered By Insurance: Will be charged to your credit card by the Pharmacy.

For questions contact:

Haworth Apothecary at 201.384.7171 ext: 119 or Please review the following important FAQ’s. Regards,

Denise and Bill Hayes
Haworth Apothecary



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