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Camp Medication Program FAQ's

How do I order medications though Haworth Apothecary?

You can order online, by phone, fax, or mail. Please use the attached order form provided. If you have any questions, please call Haworth Apothecary at (201) 384-7171 ext: 119.

How much does Haworth Apothecary charge for this service?

The service is $30 a month per camper. The $30 includes a monthly admin fee, shipping, handling, and the services to package the medication. This is in addition to any co-payments, medication costs, and blister packages. Each blister pack contains 28 individual blisters that contain the camper’s medications for a specific time (morning, noon, evening, bedtime). The amount of blisters needed for your child’s medications is based on a few factors: the frequency in which your child takes their medications, the number of medications your child is on, and if your child is on any “prn” as needed medication. Any medication that is taken on an “as needed” basis will be packaged by itself.

What will my prescriptions cost me through Haworth Apothecary?

No different than your local pharmacy. Insurance co-payments and/or deductibles are determined by your insurance carrier and prescription coverage.

How will I be charged?

Since we are a full functioning pharmacy you will be billed directly by Haworth Apothecary.

Will you package my medication?

No. Due to pedigree laws, please do not forward medication to our pharmacy since we are unable to package products not sold through our pharmacy.

What is the relationship between Haworth Apothecary and Camp Pocono Trails?

Haworth Apothecary is an independent pharmacy that has been chosen by Camp Pocono Trails to provide medication services to its campers. We are a third party provider and are not associated with Camp Pocono Trails.

How are the medications packaged?

Generally, camps utilize individual dose packaging. Each dose of medication is sealed in a medication strip packaged with a detailed label that includes your child’s name, date of birth, medications enclosed, date and time to be administered, and any special instructions. The camp staff simply tears open the perforated packet and hands your child his/her medications. Please note that only medications in pill form can be included in the dose strip. Other medications, such as inhalers, creams, and liquids, are dispensed and labeled separately and shipped to camp with your child’s other medications.

Can Haworth Apothecary package over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as vitamins, Benadryl or Claritin?

Yes. When you register provide us with the detailed information regarding over the counter medications, including dose and time of administration. Our pharmacy will package these items with any prescription medications dosed at the same time of day.

What if my child is prescribed a controlled medication such as Adderall or Concerta?

We must receive the ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION for all controlled medications prior to shipping the medication. Prescriptions for controlled drugs will only accepted for a thirty day supply.If your child is attending camp for a longer period, the Doctor MUST supply a separate prescription for each 30 day period.

Can you supply vitamins and supplements?

Yes. We offer a large assortment of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Please indicate your preferences when registering your child and we will notify you of any availability issues. If you would prefer to have these items packaged together with your child’s medications please provide us with either a prescription from the Doctor or a “Physician’s Authorization” (note from Doctor on letterhead).

Will Haworth Apothecary dispense name brands or generics?

Unless the physician specifies “Do Not Substitute” or Brand Only” our pharmacy will dispense the generic. Many insurance plans will only pay for a generic. If you do not want a generic, we ask that you notify your physician in advance. For OTC medications, our pharmacy will provide generic unless you specify otherwise. In the latter case our pharmacy will attempt to provide the brand of medication you request, but may have to substitute a generic if the name brand is not available.

What if my child is at camp for longer than a month?

The physician can write most prescriptions with refills. For controlled substances, however, an additional 30-day prescription will be required.

What happens to extra medications if my child is at camp for less than 30 day?

Any unused medications will be sent home with your child on the last day of camp. You may use the extra medication at home or on vacation.

We have a ninety-day prescription plan. Can I still use Haworth Apothecary?

We can accommodate this situation with the proper planning. Please contact us immediately so that we can plan accordingly.

What time are medications dispensed at camp?

Medications are generally dispensed at meal times and at bedtime. Please make certain that your doctor indicates the time(s) each medication should be taken on the prescription so that the camp can accommodate special requests.

My child takes different dose of the same medication every other day. Can it be packaged that way?

Yes. It is critical that your doctor provides a prescription written exactly how the medications should be given. Our pharmacists can only label a prescription according to the exact instructions of the Doctor and the camp will dispense the medication accordingly.

What happens if I order late?

If your child’s medications must be sent in a later shipment, Haworth Apothecary will charge an expedite fee (late fee) as well as shipping costs. Please note that in order to have your child's medication ready and waiting at camp upon their arrival, it is important that you submit your order prior to the June 1st. We do understand that campers may decide at the last minute to attend camp. We will accept Last minute requests even up to your child’s first day. Please be advised an expedite fee and an express shipping fee will incur due to our efforts in having your child’s medications arrive in a timely fashion.

What if my child’s doctor writes a prescription for a new medication after your deadline passed?

We will work with you to handle late medication changes. You may be required to send additional medications to camp as a backup and additional shipping charges may be applied.

Do you participate with my insurance?

We are a fully functioning pharmacy and we accept all forms of insurance including Medicaid.

How is my insurance billed? How am I billed for co-pays?

Our pharmacy bills your insurance company directly as prescriptions are filled. Co-pays, deductibles, the cost of over-the-counter medications, all uncovered medications and our service fee will be charged to your credit card.

Can you continue to provide me with prepackaged medications for my child after camp is over?

Yes! Many of our camp families enjoy our services year-round. We can ship the multi-dose packaging system to your home, your child away at school, or any other family member who can benefit from having their medications in a multi-dose packaging system.

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